Ticketing information

Admittance to Budapest Autumn Festival events:

  • some events are free of charge to attend,
  • some events are free of charge but require prior registration to attend, and
  • some events require pre-purchased entry tickets to attend.


It is important to know that attendance is subject to full compliance with the effective public health guidelines. Information on the effective guidelines is available on the Festival’s website and the website of the individual events.


To attend events which are free but require prior registration, you can apply by completing the application form on the page dedicated to the event on our website.

Application deadline: 10 PM the night prior to the event, subject to vacancies.

Please note that these events have an attendance limitation in place and it is not possible to apply on the spot before the event.


Tickets for the events that require tickets are available:

Online for all events on the Festival’s website and on the website jegy.hu,

personally for events organised by us, at BUDAPEST INFO pavilion (1052. Budapest Városháza park), and for other events tickets are sold at the ticket office of the individual venues.


Events organised by us, to which tickets are available at BUDAPEST INFO pavilion:


  • 26 September, 8:00 PM Jancsó100! – the opening event of Budapest Autumn Festival, commemorating the 100th anniversary of Miklós Jancsó’s birth
  • 26 September, 6:00 PM Game over – A Ressi / Benes Duo’s audiovisual concert
  • 2-3 October, 4:30 PM and 7:00 PM Colony – Escape Stories – performative docu walk
  • 4 October, 8:00 PM Tiles, Half Asleep – Mészöly in the Synagogue – Zsolt Prieger and Franciska Törőcsik’s literary-musical eve
  • 5 October, 7:00 PM MetRumBach – Metrum eve based on Ádám Kondor’s and László Krasznahorkai’s work
  • 6 October, 8:00 PM An Outing to Paradise – What does Dante show us? – Tour guide: Ádám Nádasdy
  • 7 October, 7:00 PM Dante: Inferno – monodrama performed by József Gyabronka
  • 7-8 October, 7:00 PM EP33Haydn – Performance for violin, violoncello and skull
  • 8 October, 8:00 PM Árpád Schilling / Juli Jakab / Éva Zabizseszkij: Pansion Eden – Zagreb Youth Theatre’s performance
  • 9 October, 8:00 PM Inferno 2021 – NoGravity’s (IT) Physical Illusion Theatre


In the ticket office at BUDAPEST INFO pavilion you can only pay in cash or by bank card.


BUDAPEST INFO pavilion – Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 9 AM -6 PM.


BUDAPEST INFO pavilion – Ticketing information: 

telephone: +3630/955-0398

e-mail addess: [email protected]


Before purchasing a ticket, please note that the public health guidelines in effect at the time of the show may differ from the ones valid at the time of purchasing your ticket. 


We wish to draw your attention to our policy that tickets are non-refundable unless there is a change in the program or the event is cancelled!